About Project:

Architecturally designed apartment block;

17 apartments over 3 floors with a basement car park for 20 cars and an 8 person lift covering all floors.

Project entailed;

  1. Demolition of 2 community halls with significant asbestos removal
  2. 104 off 900mm diameter reinforced piles to 16.0 metres deep
  3. 13.0m post tensioned cable anchors under neighbouring premises
  4. 6.5m vertical cut on boundary.
  5. 120 Off-site precast panels
  6. Redesigned post tensioned transfer slabs to one flat plate eliminating 24 beam thinknessesand reducing the structural steel from 120 tonne to 17 tonne.
  7. Due to crane obstruction issues utilised the Polywall, concrete core filled polystyrene system for all party and load bearing walls from ground-floor up.
  8. POLYWALL® ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms) systems provide a fast, strong, economical and environmentally-friendly method of building multi-level houses, retaining walls, fences, swimming pools, or any other structure that requires strong, reinforced concrete walls.
  9. A POLYWALL® ICF structure consists of expanded polystyrene panels and reinforced concrete.  POLYWALL® is erected on site, and can be filled with concrete to a height of three metres in a single pour when used with the correct bracing and pouring technique.
  10. The benefits of building with POLYWALL® are:
  • structural strength
  • high thermal efficiency
  • low sound transfer through walls
  • high fire resistance
  • quick to build
  • economical
  • environmentally-friendly


Basement 648.0 m2
Ground floor 773.0 m2
First Floor 595.0 m2
Second Floor 480.0 m2

Posted on:

December 11, 2014


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