To consult is to give or get help, a complicated word that can mean to give or receive advice.

When you don't know the meaning of a word, you consult a dictionary. Potentially that's why you're here, right?

 To consult can also mean a type of professional advice: a consultant is a person with the knowledge and know how to help you in the area that your not knowledgeable or experienced in.

People making a big decision will usually consult their family and friends, when in doubt, find someone you trust to consult.   Why not give  us a try!

New Developer Mentoring

Industry Consulting

Project Management



  • you want to develop some land,
  • become a developer and don’t really know where to get started,
  • you’re not too sure of the whole process
  • you’re wondering about the tricks and traps of property development
  • not sure how to put together a business case or bank submission

There is one thing you do need to know and that is;

“Property Developers make their profit when they buy, and realise it when they sell” and at different times it is “feast or famine “.

What does all this mean?

We would be happy to provide mentoring to any person considering property development.
“We call this supporting entrepreneurs to reach their vision!”
Do you need the support you’re looking for? Maybe we can help.

Industry Consulting

The idea of this service is to provide small business owners (Builders) or those within the Building Industry with access to those who have the relevant experience you wouldn’t normally be able to afford or have access to.

It is not a service to answer technical question, it is more about the systems/processes of your business and how you may be able to improve the way you do things and ultimately your bottom line.

Basically looking for a Mentor or Industry Coach, maybe we can help.


Project Management

If Owner Building a new home, it would be a good investment to employ the services of someone who knows more about how the home building process works. It is nearly impossible to oversee a building's construction from start to finish without a sound knowledge of the process.

Our Project Management Service can assist to whatever level you require.

  • Not sure of building sequence or what trade comes first and next?
  • Not sure how to cost something or what you should be paying per current industry standard?
  • Not sure how to do quantity Take-offs and orders?
  • Can find particular standards or not sure of how something should be done properly?
  • Stuck and need alternatives?

Why not give us a call, Let's talk.

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